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What Our Friends Say About 40 Days to Enlightened EatingUSA Best Book Award

I have found Elise's book and class, "Forty Days to Enlightened Eating", to be quite "enlightening"! I have learned so much about myself and my habits, and I feel I've found many simple answers to eating dilemmas I had struggled with previously. For years, I exercised feverishly and was always hungry, yet never was able to sustain my ideal weight over time. I am proud to say I have lost over 20 pounds and kept it off for over a year now. I feel great and don't suffer nearly as many aches and pains as I had when I worked out so intensely. I feel less inflammation in my joints since I began eating healthy while changing my exercise routine to practicing yoga and walking frequently.

Learning about my dosha and how certain foods affect me has been really insightful. Simple hints such as eating every 3-4 hours, drinking lemon water, and not eating after 7 pm are now automatic for me. I still eat dessert, drink wine, and do splurge occasionally on ice cream, potato chips and other foods deemed "unhealthy", but I refrain from beating myself up over such offenses. I'm finding that rewarding myself with "naughty" food really isn't as fulfilling as feeling good can be!

My husband has also adopted some, though not all, of my "enlightened eating" habits. (I cannot convince him to try the kitchari!) We do eat many more vegetable-and fruit-based dinners rather than meat-based meals. John has also lost weight, his blood pressure is lower and he feels so much better.

I believe that much of what I've learned from "Enlightened Eating" has become and will remain part of my everyday routine, rather than being just the latest fad or trend. I think - actually, I know - I will always enjoy eating, cooking and sharing recipes, but with a different mindset!

Thank you Elise for sharing your knowledge in such an encouraging, enthusiastic manner! I will continue to spread the word and also encourage others to follow "Forty Days to Enlightened Eating".

~ Wendy

Participating in my first 40 Day to Enlightened Eating journey was amazing, empowering, eye opening and humbling. I learned so very much about my self, most importantly how to forgive my self and honor how wonderful God had made me. It never crossed my mind that the food I was eating was hurting me physically, emotionally, and effecting my self image.

Elise Cantrell is what an angel would look like if you could see one. She is inspiring, compassionate, humble and selfless with everything in her life.

~ Eileen Dreczka

Two very valuable things I have learned from taking the class '40 Days of Enlightened Eating' - Elise does a fabulous job teaching how balance truly is achieved by eating for your individual dosha - this was huge for me. Both the class and book taught me that perseverance DOES lead to success . . . know what you want and go for it!

~ Mary P

I suffered from fibromyalgia in my 20s, and all sorts of chronic pain through my 30s and 40s. Some was intermittent, but I couldn't remember a day I woke up with no pain. I enrolled in your class last Fall after starting to consider myself a "pill-popper." Pain pill, muscle relaxer, allergy meds, migraine medicine, etc. I was living otherwise what I thought was a pretty clean lifestyle. When I learned to eat for my "dosha" and started incorporating foods that were best, my inflammation went down, and I was able to get off all my meds! I still have the occasional aches and pains, but now I know what to do when my dosha is disturbed to get back in balance and back on track to feeling great! I have become a label reader and in most cases don't eat food with labels! I feel better at 46 than I did at 36!

~ Kristi Iglehart Richerson

I adore your 40 day book which has made such a difference in my life and I am now recommending it for all of my patients. Thank you so much for making this all so accessible and doable. My next goal is getting into a good yoga routine. Blessings!

~ Doc Chery

Three years into "40 days to Enlightened Eating (EE)" finds me consistently following the life changing experiences that I learned by attending Elise's EE classes. As a Registered Nurse I took nutrition courses, assisted patients with their dietary choices, but I was stuck with an 'obesity' BMI. EE changed me to an organic vegetarian who is now down 30 pounds. I mindfully feel at the top of my game. My kapha dosha reveals a healthy, physically fit happy person. I added basic yoga that has transformed me from a Type A to a calming personality. Elise taught me more about myself and my health than I learned in the previous 40 years. You can teach an old horse new tricks! Thank you, Elise :-)

~ Joan Kramer

Until I started the Enlightened Eating program, food was my enemy. It gave me no comfort and was often rather scary to eat -- This program gave me back the joy of food.

I'm not bragging, really. I'm just in amazement! I finally stepped on a scale and I've lost 10 pounds since I started the 40 Days to Enlightened Eating in January. I can't say enough about how well I feel eating like this. I've struggled with fatigue over the years. The front of my body feels so different. I'm wearing clothes that feel easy to wear now. Wow. I'm so grateful.

~ Louise Mann

Thoughtfully written, 40 Days to Enlightened Eating has taught me to use the best food for fuel for my body. In my forties, this book catapulted me into a world of newfound energy. It offers the best approaches to food and eating and has made a positive difference in my life and health. Of every approach to eating, exercise, and health out there, Enlightened Eating is the most natural and makes the most sense. This book fed my body and soul.

~ Jennifer Walton

40 Days speaks to a transformation possible for all of us. It is a lifestyle, not a fad nor a diet. A way of living every day embracing your own beauty inside and out. As a culture, we teach that we are not good enough, that something is wrong here and if we only change this one thing about will flow. We all understand at our core, that this is not true. Elise speaks to this and helps us learn to love our selves....and live an enlightened happy fulfilled life. Now how can you miss out on that? Read her book and step into a life you deserve!

~ Marie Friedlander

I feel so blessed to be a part of Elise 's classes. God just radiates through her. Her passion is contagious!

~ Shannon Bullard