Journey to Optimal Weight, Health, Energy, and Vitality

40 Days to Enlightened Eating by Elise CantrellUSA Best Book Award

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Reinvent yourself . . .

Enlighten your eating to transform your
body, mind and soul!

Combine the time tested wisdom of sister sciences Yoga and Ayurveda to reinvigorate your metabolism, optimize your weight, awaken your energy and enliven your spirit. 40 Days to Enlightened Eating book cover

Uncover your ideal blueprint. By changing your eating alone, you can change your life. Modern culture has lost touch with the way we were designed to eat. The result is weight gain, sluggish energy, and compromised health. The mind is clouded and the spirit is dull. When it comes to eating and food, the ancient knowledge and common sense behind Yoga and Ayurveda is needed now more than ever. Rediscovering this wisdom alone can transform the body, mind and spirit in just 40 days.

There will be no counting calories, fat, carbs, or points. This enlightened way of eating did not originate in Beverly Hills or South Beach, but from long ago and far away. These forty days aren't only about losing weight but about gaining health, energy, and vitality. Many eating plans cause weight loss at the expense of energy and health. This plan is different. This plan is developed to lighten not only your body but the mind and spirit too. Optimal weight, health, energy, and vitality are the natural by-product of eating in the way we were designed to eat. Each day is a chapter in the book. Each chapter is one step forward on the journey to transformation. The next forty days will detoxify the system and reset your cravings, appetite, metabolism, and eating patterns. Forty days is the spiritually prescribed time period needed to reconstruct habits and forge lasting change. Watch your metabolism ignite, your moods lift, your energy surge, and your spirits soar. Your optimal self is there waiting for you at the end of the forty days!

Uncover your ideal blueprint. By changing your eating alone, everything changes. "Enlighten" your eating to transform your life!

Readers and students have experienced the following over the 40 Days:
Elise at book signing
• Better sleep
• Reduced headaches
• Better metabolism
• Lower BMI index
• Weight-loss
• Reduced bloating
• Improved digestion
• Optimal healthy body weight
• Increased energy
• Balanced and uplifted moods
• Look and feel more youthful
• Clearer, more radiant skin
• Aches and pains disappear
• Clearer mind and more positive thinking
• Lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar
• Nourishes the body back from chemotherapy
• Improved overall sense of wellbeing and health
• No longer need medicine — food is your medicine now
• Shinier, thicker, stronger hair and nails

Print Length: 352 pages
ISBN: 1452554676
Publisher: BalboaPress (August 3, 2012)
Language: English

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